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The dentistry field continues to advance as new technologies improve treatment. We want to keep you informed about dentistry-related news and events that can improve your family’s dental health, so we have added this blog to our website. Please check back periodically as we add useful information here about dentistry, as well as share news about the latest happenings in our office.

How Does the Dentist Assess Gum Disease?

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If you had gum disease, you would know—wouldn’t you? It’s common to assume that, if you had an infection in your gums, you would be aware of the problem. The truth is that, gum disease is a progressive infection that has the potential to cause quite a bit of damage, even before you are able […]

4 Stages of Gum Disease

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When inflammation and disease begin to attack your teeth and gums, the problem can snowball from a mild issue to a true medical emergency without your knowledge. In fact, without a diagnosis from a dentist in Anderson, your gum disease problem could be brewing right at this very moment. It’s a disease that few people […]

7 Brushing Bad Habits to Break in 2017

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It’s a new year, and even if you haven’t set any resolutions, it’s still normal to want to do better now than you did last year. Dentists in the Anderson SC community agree with that idea and that’s why they implore you to break these 7 bad brushing habits rather than taking them into 2017 […]

The Dental Impact of your Holiday Feast

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During the holiday season, we often worry a little bit about the way that our holiday feast will impact our waistline. Of course, there’s at least one dentist in Anderson who is concerned about how that big meal will affect your teeth. Here’s a look at how the most popular holiday dishes will influence our […]

Dental Tips for a Healthy Smile during the Holiday Season

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Halloween has passed and it seems as though we have officially entered into the holiday season. Starting with the Halloween candy and ending with the New Year’s festivities, you’ll be bombarded with sweets and snacks at almost every turn! While it’s okay to indulge in your favorite sweet treats and drinks during this time of […]